What If You Listen To The Messages Of Your Body?

As much as I have reformed myself to tune into my body and intuition, I also have years of the opposite to combat. I am quite stubborn. I want to do what I want, when I want. I get very frustrated when my plans don’t work out the way I’d like. Sometimes I still push myself too hard. Sometimes I still feel guilty for taking rest. Then I pay the price of my willful ignorance.

We are members of a society that places a disturbingly high value on pushing and striving and productivity at all costs. Even the most conscious of us are going to get roped into it once in a while. It’s the world we live in, and though we are beginning to shift it – the work isn’t easy. Trying to dismantle a firmly entrenched patriarchal and capitalist system will take focus, determination, and commitment. The best work we can do is to refuse to live our lives within those boundaries. Even so, sometimes we will forget. Sometimes we will fall back into old patterns. Sometime we will ignore the messages of our bodies and later regret it.

My body speaks to me loudly now. Perhaps it always did and I just refused to listen. Perhaps the years have caught up with me. Whatever it is, I definitely notice that it now begs me to slow down, to find discernment, to let it rest. I feel the signs earlier now, for the most part. When I feel tired, weak, sick, I ask – what are you telling me? What do you need from me? And try my best to listen for the answer. I don’t always find it right away, but I know with practice I’ll get there.

Our bodies hold infinite wisdom that we know very little about accessing. What if you lean into strengthening your own intuitive connection to your body? What if you pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t? What if you learn to tell the difference between what your brain/patterning/habits want and what your body actually needs? What if you recognize, with love and compassion, the ways in which you sabotage yourself and make a faithful effort to change?

I believe that every one of us can learn to understand the messages of our bodies. They are the vessels that our souls have chosen to inhabit on this earth. They are of deep value and deserve to be treated with respect. It’s time.

Sending you love.

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