What If You Fiercely Own Your Right To Change Your Mind?

We have this weird judgment in our society towards people changing their minds.

We live in a world that likes to categorize us, which is actually against the natural flow of life. We are meant to stay fluid as long as we are here in this physical realm. And yet, when we change our minds – we are called flighty, or confused, or even told we have some sort of attention disorder. We are dismissed as someone who “doesn’t know what they want”. The natural way of things is to accept that the only constant is, in fact, change. No wonder we are confused when our society tells us one thing while our biology is continuously telling us another.

Listen, this is your life. It’s the only one you get, at least as far as we know. You are allowed to do whatever the hell you like with it. As long as you aren’t actively or maliciously harming others, you are free to change your mind about anything you want. The opinions of others really hold no relevance.

I know that people feel they can pronounce judgment on whatever decisions you make, but you get to set boundaries around what you will and will not tolerate. If you’re getting unsolicited opinions, feel free to shut them down however you see fit. We all need to become better at communicating, and that includes asking permission before giving feedback or unloading our stress onto another person. No one should be commenting on what you are doing with your life without your expressly given consent. You can remind them of that.

You get the privilege to co-create your life. Don’t let the fear of changing your mind get in your way. Think of it like this – as you progress in your personal development, you are supposed to keep changing and evolving. That’s a healthy sign. As your internal world changes, so too will your external world. It wouldn’t make sense to hold on stiffly to the same external circumstances even while you are shifting and transforming within. It naturally follows, then, that you will change your mind, perhaps often, perhaps drastically.

Nothing is wrong with you. It’s the world we live in that’s the problem, not you. You get to be who you want to be – and that gets to shift at any given moment. Don’t put yourself in a box. It’s hard enough out there with everyone else putting you in one!

You matter, and what you desire for your life matters. You are safe to change your mind. Give yourself that safety and nothing else can get in your way. Sending you love.

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