What If You Make Your Nervous System Priority #1?

When I started to learn about nervous system trauma and dysregulation, it truly blew my mind. An entire world of possibility and understanding opened up to me. Finally I saw a scientific explanation for everything I’d struggled with my entire life. (This was before I knew how to trust my body wisdom and intuition, science or no.) For me, it took seeing the science first to begin to understand the energetic.

I know I’m always talking about this book, but that’s because it’s amazing – The Body Keeps The Score was my gateway into understanding more about the nervous system. I’d talked a little to friends about herbs and natural medicines they’d used to help them regulate their own. I had started to notice some benefits from using them – but I didn’t really understand any of it. When I began to learn that the body and the nervous system hold onto old experiences and trauma, that generational trauma is even passed down through our DNA, that there were legitimate reasons for everything I’d always struggled blindly with… what a gift.

A huge weight lifted from me. I wasn’t just stupid and stuck and useless. I was just going about dealing with my trauma all wrong – the way most of us deal with it, honestly. We try to come at it from the outside. We try to use our brains, use our logic, when we will never, ever be able to heal that way. It doesn’t matter what we know in our brains if our nervous systems and bodies don’t believe it. We can’t force anything on them – they are too smart for that. We have to go inwards and begin excavating from the inside out instead. We have to learn how to bring up our stuck emotions, energy, trauma, etc – in a safe way and a safe space – and start to relearn how to feel safe in our own bodies. Only then can we move through the world in a grounded, present and liberated way.

Our hearts, guts, and nervous systems hold inherent intelligence, and send more signals to our bodies than our brains do. There is so much to know and to learn and I’m endlessly fascinated. It’s all interconnected, and it’s honestly kind of bizarre how we’ve been taught to segment our bodies as if all our systems operate independently of one another. Of course what we ingest affects us. Of course how we breathe affects us. Of course how we experience trauma affects us. It’s all energy, and it’s all one system.

My journey has taught me never to take anything as an absolute, and to always stay open to change. Ten years ago, five years ago, even three years ago, I didn’t have a fraction of the knowledge I have now. Not only that, but having learned so much, I’ve begun to heal myself. Through doing so, I’ve learned how to understand my own body and intuition and how to move from a place of truth. That doesn’t mean I always follow my truth – there are still decades of old behaviors and beliefs to shift. But, with this new awareness, I can begin to do so, one action at a time.

You can do the same. I know it feels overwhelming and confusing in the beginning. One of the biggest steps you can take is to admit you need support, and actively seek it out. Find people who have knowledge and resources to share with you. Find teachers, mentors, therapists, a support circle – whatever speaks to you. Knowing you’re not alone is a huge comfort when you’re struggling. Start experimenting with different healing modalities until you find a few that feel intuitively correct for you. Everyone is different – give yourself permission to try something and have it not work out for you. That’s part of the journey. Eventually you’ll find your people and you’ll find your tools. You’ve got this! Sending you love.

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