What If You Always Lived Like You Might Die Any Minute?

Before you get all crazy on me, let me clarify. I don’t mean throw all caution to the wind, decide to give up on any kind of life plan, or spend all your money. After all, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll die any minute either!

But, what if you appreciated life like any moment could be your last?

This has been on my mind quite a lot over the past few weeks. I had a close call myself recently, and that just drove the point home. For me, the concept of living with the knowledge that we are unsure of everything beyond this given moment really helps me to stay present and mindful.

Everyone is different, and maybe this concept won’t work for you. All I can say is that for me, thinking that way does the trick of dropping me into the present more easily than anything else I’ve tried. Suddenly I can feel myself looking around with fresh eyes. Taking in the world around me. Smelling, feeling, sensing it all. Thinking of those I’ve lost, especially those I want to emulate in their ability to live their own lives as fully as possible. It never fails to ground me, as well as bring gratitude into my heart for everything I get to experience right here, right now.

Give it a try. What if you keep bringing yourself back to the moment simply by remembering that it’s all you have? What if you look around you and let it all sink in, because not only is the present all that exists, but each moment is unique in itself. You will never live this moment again … or this one … or this one. Let it matter. Make it count. Feel it all as fully as you possibly can. That’s all you have to do to live an embodied, enriched and vibrant life. Just be here, in this moment, and then repeat.

Live like you might not have more time. You never know. You are capable of staying mindful and present. I love you!

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