What If The Quality Of Your Breath = The Quality Of Your Life?

How do you breathe?

I mean, throughout your day, when you’re breathing normally. How do you breathe? You probably don’t even know. After all, we often have trouble observing the breath without changing the breath.

I’m willing to bet, though, that it isn’t a naturally deep and long breath. Hardly any of us breathe that way. Living up in our heads, constantly anxious and stressed, we breathe shallowly. Rapidly. Hell, we often hold our breath entirely. Instead of using our breath to help regulate our energy and nervous system, we let the chaos of life dictate how we breathe.

This is all backwards. Our breath is a powerful tool, and we were born with it. We have it with us at all times. We can use it to improve our lives in the matter of a few minutes. And, still, we mostly… don’t.

Imagine I told you that you could rejuvenate and energize yourself naturally. You could clear and quiet your mind. You could balance your nervous system. You could reactivate creativity, positivity, and joy within yourself. And that you could do all of this with something that you carry around with you all day, every day. Would you use it? Or would you continue to ignore it, as you’re doing now?

I’ve never found anything else as immediately powerful and life-changing as our own breath. There are three ways to clear energy: movement, sound, and breath. I find breath to be the most powerful, but how often do we use any of these? We don’t allow ourselves to make noise, especially “ugly” noise. We don’t move our bodies freely and without judgment. And we certainly don’t tune in to our breathing.

I am passionate about finding a way to change this, and thus helping people to change their own lives. The quality of your breath truly does dictate the quality of your life. You can shift something, immediately. The results are consistent and undeniable. How amazing is that?

Start to tune in to your breathing. If you have questions or need a way to jumpstart your process, I can help. Transforming your life is as simple as making a commitment to yourself. You got this. Sending you love.

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