What If You Refuse To Let Go Of The Vision?

How do you respond when life doesn’t feel so easy?

This is how we truly utilize all the inner work we’re doing. It feels quite simple to keep on keeping on when everything is flowing well. The question is, can we keep our eyes on our goal when there are obstacles blocking the view?

The daily practices, the soul searching, the moving of emotions and studying our patterns/triggers – they’re all for these moments. The moments when we feel like giving up, like letting our dreams go without ever truly trying to see them through. The moments when we are so positive that we will fail that we practically ensure it. This is when we have to release. Breathe, feel, and trust that there is something beyond the blockage that makes it all worth it. Believe fiercely in our worth and the validity of our dreams. We are not here to pay bills, lose weight, and die. That cannot be it. We have to trust that we are vessels and the visions that move through us are there because the Universe, Source, Divine, whatever you call it… put them there.

If not, then what are we doing? Seriously?

Don’t give up on yourself and your unique contributions to the world. You are here to share them. I really do believe that. These dreams, goals, plans and ideas that flow through you? They aren’t random. They exist for a reason. You’ve got this. Sending you love.

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