What If You Relax Past Resistance?

Resistance. That pesky bugger that keeps us from our happiness and success. Isn’t it interesting, how fearful we are of having “too much good” in our lives? We struggle and fight and persist and push… and in the end, what we really need to do is relax. Surrender. Trust. Accept. It’s like we’d rather die than leap.

Most of us probably will. Die before leaping. Our brains tell us that survival is of the utmost priority. Our brains see survival threats everywhere. The truth is, most of what our brains tells us will kill us… won’t. Not even close. We are living in old neural programming, generational trauma, minds that perceive threats that are no longer relevant in our current world. It’s complicated, frustrating and fascinating all at once.

So, we stay in our familiarity, comfort, and often, misery. We tell ourselves we can’t have more. We tell ourselves this is the best we can do. We are so afraid to let go that we clutch onto unhappiness with all our might. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so universally sad. Even when we admit our goals, dreams and hopes, we encounter so much inner resistance to moving forward that we often see them as unreachable or unrealistic.

That’s not true. Literally anything is possible. Anything. For anyone. What would it be like if you truly believed that? Most of us don’t, at least not for ourselves. We are so afraid to imagine and desire and create the way we did as children. But what if we could relax back into that curiosity and hope and joy? That sense of possibility? What if we could feel so safe in ourselves and our bodies that we embraced trusting the unknown?

Surrendering is the hardest thing that most of us will ever do. Putting our trust in our relationship with the Divine, with the world around us, and with ourselves… well, we aren’t used to doing that. We were told we cannot do that and make it. So we don’t even want to try. But if you leap, guess what? You just might fly. You know exactly where you’ll stay if you don’t.

You’ve got this. Soften, soften, soften. It’s okay. You’re safe. Sending you love.

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